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Environmental Mitigation

Owens Dry Lake   Agrarian developed and refined the mitigation measures of shallow flooding and managed vegetation to assure that dust control would be achieved without unduly compromising the water supply for Los Angeles. 

Salton Sea   Agrarian is working to control salinity in the Salton Sea in a cost-effective and sustainable fashion to enhance both agricultural and environmental sustainability. 

Broadview   This 10,000 acre irrigation and drainage district in the San Joaquin Valley employed Agrarian to assist them in the development of a program for the removal of selenium from the drain water generated on the District's farming lands.

Westlands The largest irrigation district in California is the site of a prototype project for the removal of selenium from agricultural drain water. This project was designed to process over 400 acre-feet of water each year, with the goal of removing over 80 percent of the selenium.