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Owens Lake Dust Mitigation Project

Agrarian was retained by the Great Basin Unified Air Pollution Control District in 1996 to develop effective dust control measures for the dry Owens Lake. This 22,400 acre site is a saline-sodic playa that became emissive when the water diversion activities of the Lost Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) dried the Owens Lake in the mid 1920's.

Dust on the basin 

Control measures developed by Agrarian since 1996 include re-circulated shallow flooding and managed vegetation. Shallow flooding required the development of a water capture and re-circulation strategy using lift pumps and specialized water outlet appliances.
Planting Tractor

The managed vegetation control measures required extensive soil reclamation, irrigation, and drainage. Managed vegetation converted  playa soils to a suitable and sustainable substrate for native plants, including saltgrass and desert shrubs.
reclaimed land

Water conservation has been a critical component of the project development strategy, and Agrarian has emerged as a leader in water delivery and scheduling strategies that minimize water use while optimizing control effectiveness.

All of the measures developed by Agrarian are currently slated for ultimate implementation in some form by LADWP to attain state and federal clean air standards by 2006.  LADWP is already operating over 10 square miles of shallow flooding on the Owens playa using the design concepts advanced by Agrarian.

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