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Rural Project Development

Project: Spurlock Ranch
Size: 327,000 Acres
Duration: 2 Years
Funding: $85,000

Services Provided:

  • Scoping & Planning
  • Data Development
  • Economic Study
  • Design
  • Permitting

The Spurlock Ranch was comprised of four classes of land tenure (BLM, State of Arizona, Private Lease Lands, and Fee Simple Lands) which made up a cattle ranch of 163,840 acres. In addition to the Spurlock Ranch, three adjacent properties were also included in our research assignment. They included the Kelsey, Wallace, and Fitzgerald Ranches. Agrarian was initially involved in the operations management of the Spurlock Ranch. Subsequent to this management arrangement, Agrarian was contacted by Mr. Spurlock to conduct a detailed resource inventory. The inventory included all of the various natural resources owned by the ranch. Agrarian prepared eleven, high resolution, 27 color resource overlays to be used in a marketing effort. The sale of the Spurlock Ranch, and the adjacent properties to the Department of the Interior on behalf of the Navajo Tribe was successful. As a result of the resource inventory, and the overlays presented to the Navajo Hopi Land Relocation Commission, a decision was made by the Commission to acquire approximately 250,000 acres including and contiguous with the Spurlock Ranch. The additional properties included the three additional ranches already identified.

Our staff was also employed in the presentation and the detailed oral review of each of the respective resource issues. These reviews were conducted with various Committee members of the natural resource teams employed by the government and the tribes involved in the approval and acquisition process.