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Rural Project Development

Native American and African Programs 


Agrarian’s Rural Project Development Services includes all phases of resource utilization. Specifically the people, land, water, infrastructure; to enhance quality of life, economic sustainability, and responsible resource consumption.


Primary Planning & Development Services

Identify, recruit and mobilize interdisciplinary expertise from Local-national-regional-international talent comprised of a composite of industry, academic, and geographic relevant specialists with resource specific expertise in data acquisition, utilization, and evaluation. This service includes where necessary budgeting, funding, design, construction and start-up of a remote independent satellite facility.


Capital formation services utilizing full absorption costing methods on all project analysis.

                Local - national - regional

                Private - Microeconomic feasibility

                                Business plan model

                                Life cycle costing

                Public - Macroeconomic feasibility study

                                Cost./benefit analysis

                                Full absorption costing


Civic/Public Infrastructure Development

                Jurisdictional government buildings - schools, medical, fire, police


                Energy - grid, non-grid


Water Resource Development

                                Drinking Water Supply



Economic Infrastructure development

                Food production, processing, storage, retail

                Fuel transportation, storage, distribution, retail

                Durable goods wholesale, retail



International Ecological tourism

                Consumptive wildlife tourism

                Non-consumptive wildlife tourism


Education services

                Trade/technical training programs and courses such as vehicle repair, heavy machine operation, construction, secretarial, agriculture, tourism

                 Rural Extension services Program Development and Personal Training, ( Agricultural, Domestic ,economics, and health).

                 Domestic and Agricultural Water District creation, system Development, orginizational Managment, physical Operation and Maintinance,  including complete initial and continuing  vertical and horizontal Training  Programs


Communications infrastructure

                Voice & data, wireless, satellite tv


Sustainable Natural Resource Development

                Wildlife conservation program

                Arid land utilization schemes

                Irrigation schemes

                Wood  production and products processing

                Aquculture & Crocodile Farm Hide production