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Environmental Mitigation  Few resources are as precious in the American West as water. Many environmental mitigation projects require the use of water, and so its efficient and effective use are of critical importance in project development.

Data Acquisition and Planning  Thorough and detailed inventories of land and water resources including evaluation and quantification of surface and groundwater resources, soils mapping, vegetation mapping.

Industry There are certain industrial contaminants of surface and groundwater that are amenable to the inexpensive and efficient remediation methods developed by Agrarian.

Agriculture Salty water and salinized land severely impair farms and ranches in many parts of the American west. The land has reduced productivity, and the irrigation infrastructure is difficult to maintain. A conscientious approach to irrigation management can convert unproductive land to a profitable agricultural venture.

Wetlands Agrarian is currently actively involved in a number of wetland projects, which involve clients as diverse as duck clubs, mining companies, government agencies, and Indian tribes. The goals of the projects are various, ranging from treatment wetlands to waterfowl habitat to wading and shorebird habitat.