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Wastewater Treatment For Heavy Metals

Agricultural drain water in many parts of the west is contaminated with selenium, which is toxic to wildlife. Evaporation ponds, as currently managed, and diluted discharge to natural waterways are short-term solutions. Much research has been conducted on active remediation, but no on-farm projects have been shown to be both economically viable and farm friendly.

Agrarian developed a low-tech but highly effective treatment facility that removes over 80% of the selenium from tile drain water.

The promise of such as project is for allowing land that is at risk of being retired due to drainage disposal problems to return to full productivity. The benefits for the regional economy are great. Selective and appropriate application of research results have made Agrarian successful where others have failed.

Industry also produces waste water that Agrarian’s methods can treat effectively.  Perchlorate, hexavalent chromium, and phosphates are among the other toxins that Agrarian’s technologies can successfully tackle.