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Agrarian Team

The personnel of Agrarian consist of natural resource, engineering, and management professionals who are experienced in the development, as well as the rehabilitation of, natural resource projects.  Our staff includes a diverse group of professionals who have technical expertise in various specialties, all of which are directed towards the development of natural resource projects. All of the personnel are uniquely qualified due to their previous involvement with related projects. 

Key Personnel

Frank Stradling

BS in Botany & Range Management; MBA in Agribusiness

International and domestic experience in project management for agriculture development, natural resource evaluation, and land reclamation on a large scale. Irrigation and drainage design experience. Soils mapping and evaluation. Expertise in mineral resources evaluation and utilization. Lead person for design concepts, problem analysis, construction management, and program development. Private pilot, instrument and commercial ratings.

Dr. Bruce Goff

BS, Renewable Natural Resources; MS, Watershed Management; PhD, Watershed Science

Senior scientist and project manager with over 25 years of experience in water and environmental planning, management, research, and education in the United States and abroad. Bruce has implemented and managed a wide variety of environmental and natural resources programs, projects, and tasks for federal, state, and local agencies in Arizona and California, including projects for the US Army, Navy, and Marine Corps, US Bureau of Land Management, Coachella Valley District, Imperial Irrigation District, and San Diego County Water Authority.

Dr. Stanley Klemetson

BS, Civil Engineering; MS, Civil/Sanitary Engineering; PhD, Civil/Enviromental Engineering

Over 30 years experience in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Construction and Planning.  Stan has been involved in land development, city planning, environmental site audits, underground tank investigations, underground tank removal contracting, site remediation activities and expert witness projects.  Additional experiences have included hazardous waste management, industrial waste water treatment, reservoir studies, laboratory analysis, air pollution monitoring, traffic engineering, energy resources studies and light/heavy construction supervision and support. In addition to these achievements Stan has been a college professor for 14 years and taught civil and environmental engineering.


Kathy Tutt

Professional accountant.




Part-Time Professional Employees [top]

Dr. James AyarsIrrigation engineer and crop specialist. Staff member at USDA-ARS in Fresno. Specialist in salt management in soils for crop production.

Dr. Richard AllenPlan physiologist and water relations specialist. Faculty at Idaho State University. Specialist in crop water relations and in determination of water use requirements for plants in arid environments.

Dr. William FrankenbergerMicrobiologist with specialty in bioremediation. Faculty at University of California at Riverside in soil sciences. Acknowledged leader in field of selenium and heavy metal remediation from soils and water.

Dr. Jerry JurinakSalinity specialist for soil and water management. Faculty at Utah State University. Water quality management, leaching of salts and soil toxins, and plant-water relations.

Luis CoronelLuis Coronel is a chemical engineer who has developed and operated solar salt operations throughout the world, with a specialty in solar pond research, design, and operation. Luis has special knowledge of high-concentration brines, and has developed sophisticated mathematical models for solar evaporation operations.

Dr. Michael FrySpecialist in toxicology and physiology with emphasis on effects of environmental pollutants, pesticides and oil spills on birds. He consults to Agrarian regarding the effects on birds of estrogenic agents, selenium, dioxin contaminated soils, and organochlorine pesticides (PCBs, DDT). Dr. Fry is a research physiologist at the University of California Davis.

Professional Affiliates [top]

Dr. Bruce Webb
Soil Science Laboratory, Brigham Young University
Dr. Webb's laboratory specializes in the analysis of soils of the deserts, ranges, and playas of the American west. He has performed soil analysis and offered interpretations regarding soil origin and utility for Agrarian's projects.

Dr. Garn Wallace
Wallace Laboratories
El Segundo, California
Wallace Laboratories has performed soil analyses as well as water and plant tissue analyses for Agrarian's projects in California. Wallace Laboratories is a full-service facility that works to EPA specifications for soil, water, and tissue analyses. Drs. Wallace are well known in the fields of plant nutrition, and have worked extensively with revegetation projects in desert and arid environments.