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About Agrarian


Agrarian Research was formed as a result of the consolidation of two companies; Agrarian Management Inc., founded in 1972, and Intermountain Research Inc., founded in 1977. The firm has been in continuous operation since that time. 

We work in concert with larger engineering, construction, or resource development firms, and with a variety of government agencies, to identify and to critically examine complex environmental problems.  We specialize in the economic evaluation of environmental projects including: full absorbtion costing, first cost, operating cost, maintenance cost, salvage/replacement cost, and life-cycle cost. This service evaulates cradle to grave commitment that rate payers, taxpayers, and regulatators, are burdened with in economic decisions.We perform conceptualization, design, construction, implementation, operation, and evaluation of projects that relate to challenging problems of land and water management, including wetlands. We develop small projects that incorporate the best available information that suggests large scale solutions.

Agrarian develops solutions that are:

technically feasible

highly effective 

lowest in achievable life-cycle costs

Agrarian has formulated unique and highly effective methods of project development that focus on conceiving and implementing a project that enjoys the simultaneous benefits of low life cycle cost and high levels of simplicity and reliability. 

When natural resources are precious, human resources costly, and the consequences of failure unacceptable, Agrarian’s approach merits a closer look