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Agrarian Capabilities

Agrarian is an agile company that offers in-house capabilities needed to provide all the services necessary from predesign to decommissioning. We also frequently team with other organizations with specific skills and abilities to maximize the value of our services to each project.
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Construction & Well Drilling

Agrarian projects benefit from:

  • assembly of a professional team tailored to the project's needs
  • careful design, informed by the best and most pertinent research
  • the capacity to investigate the critical issues of the project in an incisive and critical fashion
  • a complete examination of the most important aspects of the project's performance at regular review sessions as well as at the project's completion



Aerial photography: Agrarian owns and flies two aircraft, including a piston twin engine that has a camera gate in the plane’s floor ported for the acquisition of high quality air photos. Our prices are far more competitive than specialty firms.

Surveying: Agrarian can provide boundary and title, topographic, and environmental surveys, as well as construction staking. We use both Total Station and GPS equipment.


CAD & GIS: Agrarian utilizes the latest 3D design software which allows us to develop high-fidelity models of each project. We also have the ability to provide renderings and animation to help visualize the finished product.

Civil Engineering: We provide all the necessary plans and documentation for projects to be bid accurately and built correctly.



Heavy Construction: We hold a California general contractors [A] license are bonded for projects up to USD 2 million per year. Agrarian has also worked with large bond contractors to be able to effectively perform a wide variety of construction related activities. We own and operate the following equipment:

  • D9 dozer
  • a LGP D6 dozer
  • a backhoe
  • a JD 450 trackhoe
  • a JD 690 LGP excavator
  • a PC 60 track hoe
  • a portable dredge
  • 5 sets of mud mats
  • a pontoon track hoe [wetland equipment you can not " just run down town" and rent].
  • We also have a heavy equipment transport, a refrigeration van [for holding plant material] and water trucks, a road grader, and a variety of farm tillage equipment specialized for native plant establishment including four planting tractors, disks, rippers, harrows, and drills and broadcasters for seeding operations.

Well Drilling: Agrarian owns and operates two well drill rigs. We have a specialized capability for the construction of high flow artesian wells, which are of particular value on wetland projects.