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Wetland Maintenance

The Department of Fish and Game has cooperated with the Bureau of Land Management to create a secure habitat for the last remaining population of the Owens Valley tui chub, an endangered native fish. When the constructed, lined pond became choked with tules and cattails, the fish had to be removed to a temporary facility, and the pond drained for cleaning. The remote and relatively inaccessible location of the pond, along with the fact that the liner had to remain intact, made this a unique and challenging maintenance project. The Bureau of Land Management retained Agrarian to perform this operation, which we carried out with a small excavator and a great deal of care. The tui chub have been re-introduced to their home, and are once again thriving.

Mule Springscleaning Mule Springs

The site has been totally overgrown with cattails and bulrushes, and was unsuitable habitat for the native fish. The BLM drained the ponds, and Agrarian removed the vegetation, leaving the liner unharmed.