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wetlands cover
Agrarian is currently actively involved in a number of wetland projects, which involve clients as diverse as duck clubs, mining companies, government agencies, and Indian tribes. The goals of the projects are various, ranging from treatment wetlands to waterfowl habitat to wading and shorebird habitat. Agrarian participates in many kinds of wetland development, including:
  • Enhancement (Torres Martinez and Alamo Shallow Saline Habitat)
  • Restoration
  • Creation ( Swansea , Olancha)
  • Maintenance (Wetland Maintenance)
  • Monitoring of water, infrastructure and biological resources
  • Water Treatment, including subsurface flow, surface flow, and bioswales (Torres Martinez)
  • Mitigation ( Swansea, Olancha)

 Agrarian also provides services for all aspects of wetland development. In particular, our services for wetland projects include:

  • Scoping
  • Permitting
  • Preliminary data acquisition (soils, water, topography)
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Vegetation and species introduction
  • Maintenance, including plant management using salt
  • Monitoring

Although Agrarian is a small firm, we have the capacity to perform a variety of services specific to the development of wetlands. These capacities include:

  • Artesian well drilling
  • Earthwork: including laser leveling, road construction, drain and ditch installation, dikes, berm, and levees
  • Water management infrastructure, including piping, valving metering and pumping plants
  • Pond lining
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Propagation and planting of native wetland plants, including cattails, bulrushes, wild rose, cottonwoods, willows, sedges, and small rushes
  • Resource and site surveys including soils, water, plants, animals, and topography
  • Hydrological evaluations
  • Economics and feasibility analyses
  • Property acquisition
  • Conservation easements
  • Federal and state funding, including cost-share programs

Agrarian’s clients for wetland projects have been various. Currently, we are conducting wetland work with private duck clubs (Olancha), Indian tribes (Torres Martinez), mining companies (Olancha), the Bureau of Reclamation ( Alamo ), the Bureau of Land Management (Wetland Maintenance), and mitigation banks ( Swansea ). Other potential private clients could be farmers and ranchers, hunt clubs (upland game), and developers. In addition, we can provide valuable services to land trusts, government agencies including state Departments of Fish and Game, counties, and water districts. The US Fish and Wildlife Service, the US Army Corps of Engineers, and the Coastal Conservancy are additional entities that could take advantage of our unique expertise.