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Sandarosa Farms is a 7400 acre pivot irrigated alfalfa farm located north of Snowville, Utah. The farm consists of 35 120-acre pivots which are all cropped in alfalfa hay. Farmland Investment  contacted Agrarian to evaluate rehabilitation options and costs, which were subsequently used to determine project feasibility.  Pre-purchase condition included only 4 operational pivots, and 90% of all mainline piping was inoperable. Agrarian prepared conceptual designs which, following purchase, were finalized for construction. Agrarian oversaw all construction management tasks, spanning two seasons.  With the completion of construction, Agrarian assumed operational management of this farm for Farmland Investment Corp. This farm is currently in full production with an annual yield of over 15,000 tons of alfalfa hay. (1990-1996)


High Country Grain Farm is a 5,720 acre farm located near Kanosh, Utah. The farm is currently cropped in alfalfa and grain products. The farm is irrigated with flood, furrow, pivot, and wheel lines supplied by 22 wells. When Agrarian was contacted, approximately 75% of the farm property was not utilized, and included several noncontiguous parcels. The water systems were non-functioning over a substantial portion of the project area. Agrarian evaluated the farm's condition and prepared conceptual plans for full rehabilitation. Agrarian oversaw all construction management tasks. To augment cash flow, farm rehabilitation was phased in over three growing seasons, and normal farm operations were integrated with construction activities to generate a revenue stream as soon as possible. The farm is currently is full production with an annual yield of over 12,000 tons of alfalfa hay. (1988-1990)


The Paxton Ranch is a large cattle ranch located in central/western Utah. Agrarian was commissioned by Federal Intermediate Credit Bank to oversee and market the property.  Services were conducted over a 13 month period. The process involved a smooth transition of ownership with minimum impact on all parties, and was closed through escrow 17 days after it was acquired by the lending agency. (1986-1989)



McIntyre Investment Corporation, located in Leamington, Utah, owns a 1,200 acre flood and sprinkler irrigated farm and a 1,000 head beef cattle ranching operation. The ranch consists of 2,200 acres which are flood irrigated from a river diversion.  Agrarian was contacted to provide project management services for rehabilitation work on both the farm and the ranch. Agrarian prepared conceptual designs, secured rehabilitation funding, and completed major rehabilitation work on the farm and minor rehabilitation work on the ranch. In addition to farm related services, Agrarian provided oversight management of Mammoth Mining Company, a gold mine, which was part of the ranch holdings. (1985-1987)


The Half Circle Ranch is a 123-section cattle enterprise located 70 miles southwest of Elko, Nevada. The ranch is located in the basin and range geographic system of the western United States. There are vast ground water reserves underlying the Frenchie Valley which runs through, and dissects the property east to west. An agricultural development group based in Salt Lake City retained Agrarian to conduct a feasibility study to evaluate the risk and reward of developing a 13,000 acre potato production project utilizing state-of-the-art center pivot sprinkler technology. The effort was divided into three parts namely data collection, data analysis, and project design.